About Retort Pouches

untitled-1A retort pouch is a flexible, light-weight packaging alternative to a can. The retort pouch processing method results in a superior food quality and offers many health and environmental benefits.

Q: Are retort pouches safe?
Very. There are strict CFIA and US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) guidelines and procedures throughout the entire production process to ensure our products meet or exceed quality and safety standards. Our products are processed in a federally inspected plant that undergoes rigorous audits to ensure all compliances are met. The retort cooking process uses extremely hot steam that sanitizes the pouches and cooks all contents thoroughly, without over-cooking. The pouches are then individually inspected to make sure there are no flaws or defects.

Q: Who can use a retort pouch?
Anyone. They are especially great for anything that requires low-weight and flexible portability, such as airlines, trains, backpacks, caterers, boats, remote camps, university campuses, hospitals, camping goods stores, outdoor stores, gift shops, gift packs, fundraising, etc.

Q: How do I store retort pouches?
Store a retort pouch the same as you would a can. There is no need to refrigerate them. Keep pouches in your cupboards or pantry until it is time to use them. After the pouch has been opened, the food contents will need to be refrigerated, as no preservatives are used.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate the pouch?
No, you do not need to refrigerate the pouch until has been opened. Once it has been opened, then the contents must be refrigerated, as the processing method is preservative-free.

Q: How long can I keep a retort pouch?
Retort pouches are a shelf-stable, long-life product. This means that they can be kept on the shelf (no need for refrigeration) for at least 5 years.

Q: How do I open the retort pouch? Open the retort pouch with the easy-to-use tear notches on the sides. Scissors are also an option to cut open the pouch if you prefer. Certainly no need to use a can opener! This makes retort pouches very convenient for work, school, camping, travelling – anywhere on the go!

Q: How does does food from a retort pouch taste?
Great. Pouches are cooked for less time than cans, so the contents keep its natural flavour, texture and nutritional value.


Why use Retort Pouches?

No need for a can opener. Retort pouches are flexible, lightweight and durable. Take them with you anywhere. Easy to prepare. Kid friendly. Great for work, school, travel, camping, etc. No need to refrigerate.

Pouches require less time to process and thus use less energy. Pouches also use less space and have less weight to transport and store than cans do, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Quality & Health.
Pouches do not need to be cooked as long as cans. As a result, the contents are not overcooked; this increases nutritional value, flavour and texture. Pouches also eliminate the need for preservatives or high amounts of sodium or sugar.